Ian McNee has been an illustrator and designer for almost thirty years. Some would say that he is verging on the rim of ‘retro’ but I would prefer not too. I wouldn’t be so rude. Instead I would bring your attention to a career spanning, well, years…. From the Crown Lynn Design Studio to the Pacific Islander’s Educational Centre in New Zealand through to the Guardian Observer and Usborne Publishing in the UK.

He loves the print industry and word / picture relationships. Whatever that means. I was told to put that in. Be that as it may, you can follow his career fully on his ‘about’ button thingy or look at his ‘portfolio’ and you will agree sometimes images can convey a lot of words.

I just wish he’d bring my lawn mower back he borrowed five years ago!

Snare. T. Rimshot Bs,
Lions, Rotary,
late of the
Masonic Lodge

Guardian Observer

Usbourne Children's Books

Scarlet Design, Travelman Publishing

Travel Sketches

Intaglio Prints


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